How the time flies!!

I can't honestly fathom how I've gone a whole year without an update...
I was reminded a few days ago that someone actually reads this, I should probably update it some.

Well where to start?
I'll go with what's been dominating my waking and most of my sleeping hours... the future.

I've been going to school for over a year now. I've been doing well despite some personal and financial setbacks. Through school I found steady work, and I enjoyed my job. ( Most days ) I was looking ahead to a future with that company, Firestone. I was looking at apartments, then houses and in October I purchased a new truck. Future was bright I felt and I was finally able to act instead of having to constantly react to one crisis after another.

Then I got injured on the job.

A back injury...

Since November I've been in constant pain. Losing strength and stamina, unable to perform my duties at work. January 18th I was put on disability because my work place was no longer able or willing to accommodate my work restrictions.

So here I sit, as I do most days. Unwilling to take the heavy pain meds they have given me. I have enough problems without adding a pill addiction to the mix. So I take them to sleep and when I just can't stand it anymore.

This week has been interesting. This whole mess coming to a head. I've finally contacted a lawyer. I've been reluctant to do that simply because I wanted to operate on good faith and just get better so I could go back to what I enjoy (most days) doing.
And I can't even do that.

I have finally come to terms that I'm not an auto mechanic anymore. I'm not okay with it but I can at least look the problem in the eye.. been avoiding it. I've changed majors at school ( remember school? ) from automotive service management to project management technology. More or less going from cars to computers and IT. I'm hopeful that I will once again be able to stand on my own two feet, I have people depending on me. And I arranged for the bank to come pick the truck up. I can't pay for it anymore and I'm not going to drag it out and try and hide the thing. I'll get by, I always do.
Just not real happy about it. I'm losing my home.. and at 36 I'm probably going to have to move back home with mom. Now that's not all bad. she's really sick and I can help her while helping myself. She gets chemotherapy every Thursday and she isn't getting better, so it's probably a good idea to be closer should I be needed or if the worst happens.

So while losing the material stuff sucks I'm not upset about them, I will one day regain what was lost and then some. But I am upset and deeply hurt that I've not only lost my profession and trade, but my hobby as well. Cars have been my life since I was old enough to turn a wrench with my grandpa and uncles. To have it taken away injures me more than any wound that I carry.

Thanks for reading.


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Here's the rescue.
Yes it's raining.. sick of this rain. I decided to take these pics while the rain let up a bit.
1979 Jeep J-10 119" Wheelbase

Wow! what a day!

OK! Early day saturday, some general jeep molestation. Got word from a friend of mine who works at Pull n pay that the have a wagoneer there. I didnt have my hopes up but I figured it was worth a look and we needed a break anyway. We sign in and pay, get the toolboxes checked and I inquire if they have a wagoneer. " We had a few of them but I'm not seeing any in the system" Well it's worth a look anyway.
in the very back row in the farthest corner I spot a maroon waggy. It's spotless and unmolested. It looked like someone dusted it off and dragged it to the scrapyard. I'll be going back for more parts off it.

I got the face panel off the donor jeep
Then I started removing mine.. oh boy.

Kinda like a rusty butterfly... Bondo was falling like snow...
BJ's order arrived too.

They didnt have the 2 door rockers so they sent the 4 door ones.
we set about the task of final cutting and removal.. and FINALLY repair..

Chop Chop...

That frame sure is purdy.
Hey look! hubcaps!

this crack concerns me. I would guess it came from when I drove it. Maybe the body was flexing a bit too much..

While I was fighting with the face panel....

Carl was trying to set himself on fire..

our home made sheet metal brake. and some Jeep junk tossed under the bench.

First test fit with the rocker tacked in. floor laid out.

Rocker in and welds ground. Inner rocker panel in as well. Front crossmember back in and solid.
Quick coat of primer for protection.

Overall I'm damn pleased.. next stop quarters and finish the flooring, button up the passenger side.
oh btw...

One Crusty Honcho.

no keys, no title, no questions. Can deliver. Don't tell Hoot.

please send the small children out of the room, this aint pretty!

Finally remembered a camera tonight.

Rusty header panel/core support.

New water pump and hardware, note new hoses! yarr!

Passenger side floorboard, note missing crossmember.

New panel fitted and welded into rear floor on the passenger side. the light you see is where the rocker used to be. coming soon.

rear crossmember was TOAST. We're rebuilding and making it stronger. I'll be putting a hitch on it. 

Close up of the driver's tailight. that's gonna be interesting to get those angles right.

ok these four pictures are of the drivers side floor and pillar. It's actually broken away and while we've stabilized the body on the frame we need to tie this down esp if we're going to comtinue to cut and patch the other side we don't want to change the overall shape of the body.. that would be bad.. Now Imagine if you will. You slam the drivers door and the WHOLE SIDE of the truck wiggles for about 3 seconds afterward.. 

Here's the temporary fix just to Stabilize the cab..  kinda ugly but it works great. nice and solid. 

last pic is of the rust out on the front corner.. I'm really hoping I can source a replacement. 

Today was a little sobering. I'm really trying not to run out of steam.. Just seems like this jeep is really far from being done.. 
And can you belive it drove there?  

Mother's Day.

Nice quiet day today. Thought I might post these.
71 lemans sport Convertable (front)

Got her out the other day, and while it was really a little too cold to do much I could clean her up and take some new pics.
I put wheels and tires on her, brakes all the way around, a new Dash, insert , radio and cluster, removed a ton of crappy interior work

Busy busy

Been going up every night to work on the jeep.Slow progress but it's progress. I keep forgetting my damn camera!

Anyway, got the old water pump off without breaking any bolts. Cleaned up everything, including the pulley and put everything in a coat of paint. Re-assembly was fun since the four main bolts are different lengths and i was too damn tired to care.. after a few rounds of everyone's favorite game " Musical bolts" Did I mention I anti-siezed EVERYTHING? Well long story short I discovered the spacers included in the box..  So I was satisfied with getting the part installed last night, tonight I replaced all the hoses and started to bleed the system, and that is one BIG system. I do have to say it was satisfying to hear it run.. it purred like a big metal kitten kind of thing..

Update Sunday

I forgot my camera today so no new pictures, however we did manage to make some headway before the rain shut us down.  The back end is mostly back together, now it's just cosmetic stuff back there. .
We decided to work our way up the passenger side, cutting, fitting and welding as we went.

All the seats are now removed, Seat belt brackets in the rear have rusted out and literally came off in my hand. I'm still wavering about the back seat.  The funky damp smell is finally leaving the rig.. Carboard should not be used for interior parts. yuck.  Since I can't seem to track down a tilt wheel we're planning to move the seat back a little to make some room.

Once the front mat and insulation was removed we discovered more rust.. not a huge surprise at this point. But what WAS a surprise was the crossmember running under the floor was also toast.. So we cut that out too. And while the back of the rocker wasnt in too roough a condition the top part where it connect to the floor was nibbled away by rust.. so instead of trying to patch that panel we just made a new one. And also made a new crossmember using the one we cut free as a template.

While we were in the garage making parts and fidding with the fitting and trimming the rain finally showed up but at least we got a solid 5 hours in on the jeep.. at this rate it will be winter before we're done.
It's killin me not to be driving it. I also found a small issue while poking around under the hood. it needs a water pump. While I had planned to remove the clutched fan and install an electric one I guess this moves up the timetable, if I'm going to tear that fan out anyway I might as well just do all that when I replace the water pump. Last thing I want is that pump letting go and killing that radiator. I had that happen on my 79 and it was a costly lesson.

I'll try to remember my Camera next time.